Riley’s Page

Riley was born at Whisper Ranch to a mare that was a critical starvation case when she arrived. It is nothing short of a miracle that both mother and baby survived. Riley’s dam is Cookie (read about her at the bottom of this page)  Her sire is unknown.

Cookie had a serious dislike and distrust of humans (understandable) and had to be handled with caution. By the time Riley was 3 months old, trying to handle her evoked explosive reactions from her…an all out fight that should not be present in such a young foal that had not known a moment of harsh treatment by a human. It was clear that Cookie was teaching her significant dislike of humans to her baby. We here at Whisper Ranch are not in favor of early weaning, we prefer to let the mare wean on her own, how ever long that takes. In this  case we knew we had to make an exception and get Riley away from her mother so she could learn to trust her caregivers and be around other horses without her mother interfering. It worked.

In fairly short order, Riley became a easy to handle as any young horse that is treated with kindness.

Riley now lives roaming free on 40+ acres