About Us


Thank you for visiting us. We are just one of many rescue organization across the country and the world, some very large, some very small and all sizes in between. Each of us try to make a difference for at least some of the millions of suffering animals out there.

Most of the horses we take in are so old or so damaged (or both!) that they cannot be ridden and have nowhere else to go. We rehabilitate those that we can and find forever homes for them. The rest find permanent sanctuary with us.  We believe that every horse deserves to live its final years feeling safe and loved.


Whisper Ranch Certificate of Existence

Currently we are a network of locations with the animals hosted at our various homes that could best be described as a type of foster network. Unfortunately we don’t yet have one big location to house and care for all the animals together as do many rescues. In some ways, that is a disadvantage, but in some ways it is an advantage:

Animals can be hosted with an environment that best suits their temperament and needs.

Animals are hosted by the person or family with the best skill set to address specific mental or physical issues.

Host families are pledged to provide for the animal whether or not there are any donations.

If one of us “goes down”, the horse they host, has somewhere trusted to go immediately.

If you wish to donate money for a specific purpose,  just let us know how to designate the funds. If you wish to help support a specific animal let us know and it will go directly to the person hosting that animal.


Cindy Sullivan

Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan has been providing rehabilitative health care as well as routine hoof care to Whisper Ranch equines since its founding. She has been a professional hoof care provider for 20 years. She is also the co-founder of the Equine Sciences Academy and owner of Tribe Equus, which has been a gateway for information since 2000.

Cindy handles intake of new animals, assesses their individual needs and personalities, then recommends the best location for that animal. She hosts the oldest and most damaged of our rescues. Her farm is considered the hub of our network.

Scott & Niki Garrett
All Around Super Volunteers

In addition to being one of our host families, Scott and Niki Garrett are multipurpose, multitasking, "can do just about anything" kind of folks. Scott fixes just about anything...from putting a new floor in the horse trailer, to cutting trees, to giving comfort to an animal...if it needs doing, he can do it.

Niki is both dedicated and skilled...she can do anything that needs doing - from routine chores to making the healing salve we sell at the online store and providing therapy to animals in pain. When a problem needs to be solved...she will find a way. All the animals love them both...and so do we!

Jarod Eddy, DVM
Veterinary Services

Jarod Eddy, DVM is our much loved veterinarian. He is kind and generous, always making time for us when we need him.

One of the things we love most about Dr. Eddy is his desire to constantly learn and willingness to not only listen sincerely to the humans who know the horses best, but also his willingness to think outside the box and explore alternative modalities.

Jennifer Marcellino
Community Relations

Jennifer is a long time friend of Whisper Ranch. In addition to being on the Board of Directors for a local animal shelter. Jennifer has connections to a wide range of community networks and always finds the time to help us with any community outreach efforts.

She is also a wonderful all-around volunteer for anything we need. She "all in" to help us and any animals in need.

Jessica Edwards
Executive Director

Jessica Edwards is the executive Director of the Whisper Ranch family. She was instrumental is the "rescue of the Rescue" effort when Whisper Ranch came close to closing down 8 years ago.

Jessica helps coordinate resources, handles our comms and directs inquiries to the appropriate person/location. She assists wherever and whenever needed at any of the host locations.

Shannon Hunt

Shannon, (formerly Shannon Smith) is the woman who's caring spirit founded Whisper Ranch in 2005. Born out of her deep love for all animals, she put her heart and soul into saving lives.

Horses are the primary focus, but Shannon could not turn away any animal that needed help. We are honored to carry on her legacy of helping abused, neglected and homeless animals.