Wish List

We have created a Wish List on Amazon of things we used regularly as well as things we need, things would would like to have to make thins better for the animals here, but have not yet had the funds to purchase.


If you would like to by purchasing specific items rather than making a cash donation, please check out our list

Whisper Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary Amazon Wish List Link: http://a.co/0KfLLvC

If you see something on the list, and are not sure what it would be for, please don’t hesitate to email us, we would be happy to explain!

For example: you will see a large beach umbrella in our list. Why? Well, instead of the $700+ round bale hay covers we could use, we use the umbrella to protect the hay from rain instead. Don’t get us wrong, we would LOVE to have those hay covers, but the cost far exceeds our grasp! Unfortunately, the umbrellas eventually wear out from the sun and wind, so there is an ongoing need for replacements.

Wish List Items not on Amazon

HylaSport Senior

California Trace Plus  (powder or pellets – either will work)


PO Box 2005  Clayton Ga 30525


9 Pickett Hill St.,  Clayton GA 30525


Thank you for your help!