Whisper Ranch Honors Our Military Men and Women and their families. Thank You for your service and sacrifice! 
Whisper Ranch, Inc.
Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Newest Residents

Meet Buddy!

Buddy has a history of chronic laminitis

Sweet, sweet boy!

Buddy suffers from chronic founder and need specialized hoof care and diet management. His family has been hit hard by the economy and could no longer provide him with the specific management he requires to stay sound.  Even though  we were trying not to take in another rescue until we were able to be secure in the property, we just could not turn Buddy away.
If you can help us provide the care  he needs, $100/month will help.
If you would like to sponsor him, or contribute to his care, email, call or click on the donate button. Thank You!

Meet the Chickens!
WHAT??? Yes, that's right...chickens!

Yes..we know....chickens??? Well, they are refugees from a chicken house who escaped the men taking the rest to slaughter. Unfortunately they were born and raised in a commercial chicken house and don't know anything about being chickens! Left to their own devices outside the chicken house they were raised in, they would surely die. They do not even know to roost off the ground, or even how to feed themselves.  Predators would take them pretty quickly. We figured that they need a chance, and we could use the eggs, so we are helping them learn.  So far so good!
Don't worry...no donations intended for the horses will be used for the chickens. We will care for them, we just wanted to share their story with you!

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Founder, Shannon Smith and Cole visiting Seniors.

The mission of Whisper Ranch is to rescue and rehabilitate equines that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and/or mistreated. We provide the opportunity for the community to interact and bond with rescued equines, as well as assist with their rehabilitation.  We believe this partnering results in positive, life-changing experiences for both!

Your donations are tax deductible. We are happy to provide you with a receipt for your records on request. These noble animals depend upon your generosity to help us, help them heal and find loving forever homes. Thank you for supporting us in whatever way you are able.

Whisper Ranch, Inc
PO Box 2005
Clayton, GA 30525

Whisper Ranch, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Non Profit Corporation 

Federal Tax ID# 05-0590539

Whisper Ranch, Inc
PO Box 2005
Clayton, GA 30525
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